We understand what’s needed to grow brands; from the glint of an idea, to a venerable and established market leader.

The FoxCraft Strategic Model starts with business objectives: Does the business want to target more from the same consumers, or find new markets? Does the brand want to get from number 3 to 1? Does the brand want to launch a new product?

Alongside the business objectives, an initial assessment of brand equity is required. How well established is the brand? What is the depth of the brand’s reputation? How well known is it? We have divided brand development into clear stages; each with the corresponding actions that are required for growth.


New brands need a strong brand platform to build on. FoxCraft’s tool kit for new brands ensures early clarity of objectives, brand definition and consumer targets. FoxCraft sets out strategic growth plans, with the steps and actions required to claim a unique space in the market.


With firm foundations in place, brands need to engage with their audiences. Visual and verbal identities, messaging and brand narratives are all vital tools for building accurate and compelling connections with audiences.

In a world where social media is central to how brands interact with audiences, this is the time when a brand should start to engage with potential advocates.


In this phase the brand is looking to maximise the opportunities in its market. Using category and consumer insight, FoxCraft will plan the best deployment of the marketing mix, experience development, ideation and campaign planning.


Established brands face very different challenges. In an era of fickle consumer loyalty, they need to work hard to stay fresh, relevant and interesting. With a clear positioning to build from, established brands need to innovate to maintain their position. Not only does this mean new products, it means creative storytelling, and establishing a position of category leadership. It means the careful nurturing of advocate and partner relationships. And it could mean seeking new markets and consumers, if the possibilities in existing markets are exhausted.