Many brands are sitting on copious amounts of research: monitoring reports, U&A studies, segmentations, customer feedback.  What’s less common is insight into what it all actually means.  How to put it all together, develop a cohesive picture – and sift out the real insights.  FoxCraft offers incisive and clear direction that can be used for planning, innovation, and communications.

We know that people are unique, imperfect, practical, impulsive and visionary – often all at the same time. We isolate the insights that really matter – those that motivate purchase. We offer online and offline research techniques such as:

  • Interviews
  • Semiotics
  • Focus Groups
  • Monitoring & Measurement
  • Ethnography
  • Trends & Scenario Planning
  • Secret Shopping


The comprehensive approach to growth.  From selecting your audience, to crafting the strategy to address them.  From creating the messaging and identity, to managing the marketing mix.  From internalising the brand, to innovating the portfolio.  FoxCraft has a unique brand development system that will take any brand forwards, no matter what stage of development it has reached.

  • Naming

  • Brand Narrative

  • Campaign planning

  • Copywriting

  • Verbal & Visual Identity

  • Market Objective Setting

  • Mission/Vision/Values

  • Marketing Mix Strategy and Audit

  • Strategic Growth Plans

  • Brand Architecture


Creativity is at the heart of all great brands.  It’s how they find a way to become uniquely inspiring and compelling.  So brand development requires lateral thinking and new connections.  Whether it’s finding a unique position in the market, original marketing, or new products and services, FoxCraft can create and define your next breakthrough idea.
  • New Product & Service Development
  • Brand Extension
  • Portfolio Management
  • Idea Generation


Listening, evolving and adapting. FoxCraft offers not just creative digital and social media solutions, but also helps brands truly integrate and ideate through authentic engagement.  We do this by creating and managing consumer advocacy programmes.  We find the trend-setting consumers in your category, help you develop a positive dialogue with these key influencers, and build deeper relationships for your brand.

  • Advocacy & Influencer Development

  • Communications

  • Content & Ideation


Having lived and worked in Europe and Asia, we understand the affect of culture on decisions and attitude.

Whether you’re a brand coming into the UK, or a UK brand looking to expand into new markets, FoxCraft’s insights can help a brand find the right positioning, messaging and portfolio mix.

  • Global Positioning

  • Message Planning

  • Segmentation & Consumer Profiles

  • Portfolio Management & Adaptation

  • Cultural Insight